Solar Power Disadvantages

Although there are many advantages to having a solar powered system for your home or business, there exist a few solar power disadvantages that must also be recognized. Since the technology is relatively new and research is ongoing to improve the efficiency of solar systems, the initial cost of solar systems is high. Installing a solar powered system for your home will require a substantial upfront cost which includes the cost of the system, installation and various regulatory fees depending on where you live. The cost of the system is dependent on the size of system you plan to install. For example, a 5kW system will cost less overall than a 10kW system for residential installation. Therefore, since most people do not have the typical $10,000 – $50,000 it takes to install the system, they don’t bother with installing a solar powered system.

Solar Power Disadvantages – Unreliability and Timing

solar power disadvantagesAnother one of solar power disadvantages is unreliability and timing. Since solar power works when there is sunlight, energy required at night or during dark days in rainy or winter weather will require batteries to store the power. Since there is a large variance of available daylight hours depending on where you live in the world, the installation of solar powered systems is more advantageous for people in certain parts of the world. Another important aspect of solar energy is the timing at which solar power is available during the day compared with the energy requirements of the household. In a typical household, energy use is greatest in the morning and night hours with the least energy consumed during midday. This is opposite to the availability of solar energy which peaks at midday. Due to this misalignment between energy supply and demand, the energy would have to be stored during that day to be consumed in the late hours.

Alongside availability issues, there are certain building codes that need to be followed when installing these solar systems. Although the contracting companies ensure that all appropriate codes and standards are followed, it is ultimately the property owner’s responsibility to double check that the installation is done correctly.

Solar Power Disadvantages – Upkeep and Maintenance

There are certain upkeep and maintenance efforts that need to be considered if one chooses to invest in a solar panel system. Some may consider this one of solar panel

solar power disadvantages

disadvantages but in reality these systems are low maintenance. During extreme weather conditions, solar panels may freeze and cease to function which will create the need to physically remove the obstruction. With batteries, they may require some basic maintenance activities such as adding water when levels drop below manufacturers recommended levels. However these maintenance tasks are very basic and the benefits of solar technology far outweigh the efforts needed to maintain the system.

Solar Power Disadvantages – Aesthetics

Lastly, solar panels themselves are not aesthetically pleasing to everyone and there may be opposition from neighbors that the solar panels are of an obtrusive nature. There may be a community vote to ban the installation of solar panels from certain areas due to this argument of obtrusion. However, with time, it is expected that these solar panels are better integrated into the building so that there is less of an argument as to the aestheticism of the solar panels.